The Tampa Bay Titans is the first professional basketball organization to come to Tampa Bay. The team belongs to The Basketball League (TBL), (formerly known as the NAPB), which is a new professional basketball league that launched with 8 teams in late 2017. Current teams reside in Ohio, New York, Kentucky, Nevada and Kansas to name a few locations. The TBL is part of the FIBA Americas and is thus recognized on an international scale. The Titans plan to launch their first season in late 2018, and will be one of four new teams to join the TBL in the 2018-2019 season; the current projection for the TBL is to have 60 teams by 2022. The Titans organization will reside in Tampa, FL, but plans to serve the entire bay as the areas pioneer in professional basketball.


• The Basketball League (formerly known as the NAPB) is the first professional basketball league in the US other than the NBA and it’s G-League since the ABA in 1967. 

• The TBL is a ProA League in FIBA (Americas) and is getting recognition from all leagues worldwide. 


• There are currently 16 teams in the league's 3rd year season. 


• The NBA only takes 1% of NCAA Division 1 players. That’s where this league flourishes, giving opportunity for athletes to be a professional basketball player. 


• Players will have their salaries, flights, hotels, transportation, & per diem covered by the team.

• The TBL is giving players a chance to stay with their families and loved ones in their home town and represent their city.


The Titans are proud to bring a professional basketball team to the bay area that is already thriving and expanding yearly. We plan to impact the community in a sport that is nonexistent on a professional level. The Titans are providing an opportunity for players from all levels and residence to play in a flourishing, new and internationally recognized league.

The Titans organization plans to grow within the bay area and interact with future generations in a positive light. One major cornerstone of the organization is to bring fans of the bay area together and provide opportunity for both players and future employees. We want to empower players and help deserving individuals reach their athletic potentials and dreams of playing on a professional stage, while most importantly, representing Tampa Bay. One of our trademarked brands, “Believe You Will Achieve”, is a message we plan to have resonate within the bay. The Titans plan to empower our brand through professionalism and constant support to our players and staff. The Titans organization will be led with a strong pioneer demeanor both on and off the court. Importantly, our extracurricular activities will be focused on the community, our youth and its well-being.  To reflect our commitment to the Bay’s youth, the Titans plan to attend fundraisers, school events and participate in numerous children organizations that include but are not limited to children cancer foundations and big brother programs. We invite our fans, players and the bay area to join us in revolutionizing the sport through our play and success both on and off the court.

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