2018- 2019 TITANS ROSTER

C.J. McGill

D.O.B: September 19, 1994

Experience: LSU Shreveport

Position: 5’11 Guard

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Tampa Bay Resident 

Kendan Lewis

D.O.B: October 15, 1993

Experience: University of Saint Francis & Semi-Pro Fort Wayne

Position: 6’4 Guard 

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Malcolm St. Louis

D.O.B: May 8th, 1994

Experience: King University

Position: 6’8 Forward

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska

Tampa Bay Resident 

Tyshawn Edwards 

D.O.B: September 23, 1990

Experience: Mexico LNBP League

Position: 6’5 Guard/Forward

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Tampa Bay Resident 

Bassel Harfouch

D.O.B: December 16, 1993

Experience: FIBA Asia 2 yrs

Position: 6'4 Guard

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Tampa Bay Resident 

TaMarrick Boans

D.O.B: December 17, 1995

Experience: Pasco Hernando CC

Position: 6’3 Guard

Hometown: Largo, FL

Tampa Bay Resident

Gary Louis Simon

D.O.B: July 4, 1993

Experience: University of Oklahoma 

Position: 6’2 Guard

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

Tampa Bay Resident

Pedro Pabon

D.O.B: August 20, 1994

Experience: Florida College

Position: 6’4 Guard

Hometown: New York

Tampa Bay Resident

Desmond Sain

D.O.B: April 10, 1989

Experience: Siena Heights University & ABA

Position: 6’3 Guard

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Tampa Bay Resident

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